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Exterior Painting in San Francisco in February

Posted on 11 March, 2020 at 10:56 Comments comments (9)
Heavy attention to proper preparation and removal and feathering of failing paint on this job. Especially the wood siding exposed to the elements on the west side facing the ocean. It didn't take long to make a sound surface out of this aged wood with our skilled team. Exterior painting on the coast of San Francisco can be tricky, especially in February. A quick face lift to this 70 year old building is just what it needed, before putting it on the market.

Exterior painting in Castro Valley

Posted on 13 April, 2019 at 19:20 Comments comments (29)
Heavy attention to proper preparation is the key to all paint jobs. Especially those that have been exposed to the elements. It didn't take long to make a sound surface out of this aged stucco with a wire wheel.  

More cabinet painting

Posted on 13 April, 2018 at 14:45 Comments comments (50)
Cabinet painting can be very time consuming and tedious but if you are up for the challenge and want to save the money by doing it yourself. these are my recommendations. First off you are going to have to decide if you are going to brush or spray. I will walk you through how we sprayed these cabinets. First you should  find a  well ventilated area your home that has no lit pilot lights if you want to use the primer that I did this time. Plan on eating out for a week or two.

On this project we removed all the furniture from the room and masked the ceilings and walls to protect them from over spray. If you have a large empty room near your  kitchen, you can utilize it to spay and or let your draws and doors dry painted side up to reduce the risk of runs.

The first step was to wash all the cabinets with a strong solution of T.S.P. (non rinse substitute) to make sure to remove any grease, grime and mildew. A little  bleach helps with the mildew. T.S.P. use to say that it de-glossed shinny surfaces but it doesn't claim that so much anymore on most brands. Jasco does.

Then you are going to want to sand all surfaces that are going to be painted. On this job it was the cabinet faces, drawer faces, and the inside and outside of all the doors. I find that the 4 sided (220 fine ) sanding sponges work very well. You just want to scuff the surface to give it some tooth. Sanding is also helpful in removing or minimizing dings and scratches. large ones should be filled with Bondo and smaller ones with painters putty.

The next step is to remove all the doors and hardware, number all your doors so you know where they go after all coats have dried. I like spraying my doors on a table, letting them dry for a little bit and the leaning them up against a wall to cure. I  mark the doors inside of where the hinge was removed and then cover it with tape

The product I used on this job was Zinsser B.I..N Shellac primer. I dries hard and fast and is pretty easy to sand but is very strong odored alcohol base product and need to where a good respirator. I was fortunate to be able to use this product during the cold weather because the homeowners left town for a week and by the time they got home all the plastic was removed from all the walls and doorways. The work area was aired out and the odor had dissipated.

For the two finished coats I used Benjamin Moore ADVANCED Waterborne Interior which seemed to work very well.

The home owners got home from their vacation and their home was back to normal only all the cabinets where painted. They were very happy.

Demolition of dangerous structure and long overdue exterior painting.

Posted on 2 December, 2015 at 9:32 Comments comments (153)
On this job the new homeowner wanted the back trellis painted at first.
  During the preparation stage, upon execution of pressure washing it was determined that the structure was very poorly built and a danger to his family and children. This must have been an unpermitted addition from a previous owner. The tops of the beams and lattice had a severe case of dry-rot and the support beams where only in the ground about 4 feet. A strong wind could have easily blown it over. We are typically known as Castro Valley Painting Company but we also do several handyman services. The customer was very pleased that we could remove this accident waiting to happen, cut into manageable pieces. We also came over after the homeowner scheduled a garbage pic up and carried all the debris out to the side walk the day before. The previous also tried to repaint this house himself at one time but never addressed the upper portions of the side that where 2 story and very hard to get to. The eaves and fascia's needed a lot of preparation, priming and paint to protect them from time and the elements.

Matching interior wall and ceiling textures

Posted on 29 November, 2015 at 12:53 Comments comments (104)
Matching previously applied wall and ceiling textures can be a challenge and somewhat of an art. In some cases you will have to smooth and retexture a complete surface (wall or ceiling) to replace  it with something more consistent that somewhat matches it surroundings. That is mostly common in acoustic ceiling or (popcorn) ceiling removal.
 There are a few ways that interior textures can be applied and often times you will have to experiment with material mixture and technique to match previous
textures after drywall repairs.
  Hand drywall matching to a previous tradesman's technique  will usually start out with a little bit of trial and error testing. Sometimes it's good to have a small piece of drywall to practice on. Some textures are applied with a pan and knife or a hawk and trowel. Some drywall textures make use of special brushes or swirl patterns in the mud. Some texture's are rolled on which is called stipple texture.

Here are a few of the more popular hand applied textures that I have had to match
  • Hawk and trowel (interior/exterior
  • skip trowel
  • Santa-Fe texture
  • swirl
Here are some of the more common spray applied textures.
  • Splatter knock down
  • Orange peel
  • Popcorn
  • smooth wall
I have attached some recent before and after pictures addressing this topic... smooth wall being the most time consuming

Painting over stained doors and cabinets.

Posted on 17 November, 2015 at 16:33 Comments comments (71)
An affordable and effective way to update and improve the appearance of the interior of your home is to paint over your previously stained doors and cabinets. California has made it hard for residential painting contractors to do a good job while applying fine finishes to doors and cabinets  on account of all the restrictions and conversion to environmentally safe products. For a couple years I could not find a good primer that would adhere good to oil base finishes, that was sand able, and would block stains and yellowing.  Applying latex paint over an oil-based stain was once impossible. However, modern technology has allowed paint manufacturers to develop acrylic latex that adheres to virtually any surface, including plastic and oil-based finishes.
 On these doors and cabinets I used 2 different primers. The 1st one being Zinsser Cover stain classic oil base which preformed well when completely dry. It is now formulated to be  compliant with California restrictions I guess. I could go over all the surfaces with 220 sandpaper , no problem. it says it is low VOC content  but I still definitely had to where a respirator blow out the pilot light to the heater and keep the room well ventilated. I did have to strain it with a pair of my  girlfriends panty hose because they don't sale fine strainers at paint or hardware stores here any more, since everything went latex.

The second coat I used Dunne Edwards ULTRA-GRIP Premium 

These where the selling points.
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared drywall, wood, and masonry, as well as hard-to-stick surfaces, such as aged alkyd, aluminum, galvanized metal, vinyl, fiberglass, and select plastics
  • Outstanding stain-blocking
  • Strong tannin resistance
  • Great hide and excellent enamel holdout
  • Ultra-low VOC content
  • The finish was 2 coats of Kelly Moore's Dura Poxy. which dries very hard and is very durable.

    In trying to find the right combination of products  I think we did pretty well, and the customers where very pleased

    Fire and smoke damage

    Posted on 18 June, 2014 at 14:45 Comments comments (34)
     I recentlyhad to repaint a rental unit that had a fire in the kitchen. The fire damagedthe cabinets over the stove and left burnt smelling black soot throughout thekitchen and common areas. The kitchen had to be totally cleaned with a strongTSP solution and the ceiling primed with Bin shellac based primer before thewalls ceilings and trim where repainted. The smell of this stuff is prettyintense but dissipates quickly. Oil base primers are only sold in quarts now inCalifornia and will do the trick on a job like this if you can stand the smellfor the 24hrs that it takes to cure. It’s a good idea to open the windows andhave a couple fans going while using this product. Make sure there are no pilotlights burning nearby especially if you are spraying this material. The pourssurface in the living room and dining room where also TSP washed and primedwith an all purpose  latex primer beforerepainting.
    We removedand replaced the cabinet doors and matched the stain. We also removed and replaced the plastic ceiling tile light covers.

    Painting and Decorating just in time for the hollidays

    Posted on 12 October, 2013 at 14:14 Comments comments (74)
    This project started at the beginning of the summer with a quote  for the painting of the exterior of a large 2 story residential home in the south east area of Hayward. I heard approximately 3 week later that the home owners wanted to go with my company after comparing estimates from other contractors and seeing our reviews on Yelp. The customers concerns where that they wanted to go with a much darker color then most houses in the neighborhood and was worried that that the HMO would not approve of it.
    I informed the customers that color rendering was available to present to there home owners association. Color rendering is a computer program that shows how what your house would look like (through photo editing) with different color schemes without actually putting any paint on the house itself.. After a couple months  we came up with a color scheme that the home owners association approved of. The very nice couple invited me over for dinner so the could get to know who was going to be occupying there garage and the outside of there house for the next couple of weeks get the contracts signed and pick a start date. The job went very smoothly. Some dry rot and stucco repair issues came up during the beginning and where dealt with quickly and affordably. While I had my scaffold set up in the front the home owner thought it would be a good idea for me to hang there Christmas tree lights which really gave the house the holiday season look. This is the e-mail I received after the completion of the job.
    Hi Gary,
    I just wanted to say I love the work you have done on the house!  The paint looks great, and I appreciate the time you took to work through all of our extra requests!
    More importantly, you and your team have just as much great work ethics as you do courtesy.
    On a more personal note, we enjoyed having you over for dinner, and respect your openness and honesty during our conversation.

    We would love to get together again with you again soon -- maybe when the rain starts coming down?  Let us know.
    Thanks again,
    Erika & Vermont
    This is what the house looks like a night time.

    Kids rooms (I'm a big girl now)

    Posted on 25 September, 2013 at 9:13 Comments comments (32)
    Kids room (6) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterKids room (5) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterKids room (3) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterKids room (2) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterfinish (4) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterfinish (3) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterfinish (2) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterfinish (1) Residential Painting, Color consultation, Pleasanton Painting contractor, House painterMake  your child's  room shine with a space that reflects his personal style. Tell mom I am out growing Disney. This customer wanted to surprise her daughter while she was away for a couple days

    Unlicenced Painters can ruin your house

    Posted on 22 September, 2013 at 15:21 Comments comments (27)
    Gazebo F(1) Exterior wood staining, residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractorGazebo F(2) Exterior wood staining, residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor, painting company, painting services residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor, painting company, painting services residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor, painting company, painting services
    Here are some before and after pictures of a job I took over because the other self proclaimed painters got in over there head. They were getting over spray over everything, bypassing most all of the preparation stages such as thorough masking, caulking and patching the many nail holes in the siding that were left behind on the original paint job. The home owner was not even happy with the color. The previous painters had an un approved color on there house, there roof, there back patio, plants and windows by the time they had got home from work at the end of the day.
    This was the customer’s comments on Yelp when we were finished (Which
                     somehow got filtered)
     residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor, painting company, painting services residential painting, Castro Valley painting contractor, painting company, painting servicesI don't know why Yelp has filtered 3 of my reviews but the are all valid satisfied customers
    Gazebo (Before) exterior wood staining, House painter, Castro Valley Painting ContractorGazebo (Before) exterior wood staining, House painter, Castro Valley Painting ContractorWe used Advanced Painting Systems for external painting of our primary home in Union City, CA. We had other painters who messed up our house with drips of paints everywhere in our house. When Gary of Advanced Painting Systems came to inspect and give us estimate, the house was partially painted with tapes and plastics everywhere. Gary gave us a very reasonable estimate and scheduled to start work in a couple of days. From day one, we could see how serious a professional he was. He was very meticulous in his work and started doing more things than we expected. (Yes, we have had one bad luck after another with service providers. It was delight to see this for a change.)

    But what impressed us most was how easy Gary was to talk to. He was patient in answering our questions, leading us through paint selection, and even touring other homes in the area to see colors that appeal to us.

    We are very impressed and pleased with Gary. It is very rare to find a great professional with this degree of understanding and customer orientation and reasonable price. I didn't have an account on this site. I just created it now for writing this review. This shows how compelling and great his services was for us. Go with Gary and you will find one of the best professionals you ever had.